The Children's Closet Sale 

South Coast's Premier Children's Consignment Sale
Taunton, MA

What is the easiest way to turn your children's un-used and out-grown clutter into cash?.....
                                                     Become a consignor and make on Average $400 & Sell it all in just 3 DAYS!

Are you tired of selling on the Online Buy/Sell/Trade Groups?  

Tired of having to limit the number of items you bring into a consignment store? 

Is it not worth your time to always be meeting up with buyers(if they show up) or lugging your items down to the consignment store for minimal profits?

IT IS TIME TO CHANGE THINGS UP..... Become a consignor and stop all the aggravation and earn a LARGER check!

How consigning works:

1. Register to Consign, Follow Tagging Instructions to prepare your items and enter on the Online tagging system.
2. Drop off all your items at our sale location the week of the event.
3. Receive your payment of at least 60% of all your sold items.

Have the chance to sell to thousands of buyers in 3-Days....and you do not even have to be there!!

September 14th to 16th, 2023  in Taunton, Ma

Is consigning at The Children's Closet Sale worth your time?

On Average our Consignors Make

$400 per Event

Some as much as

$2300 per Event

1. No more meeting up with Buy/Trade/Sell Groups...and no more no shows with wasted time.

2. Earn more money with higher percentages and sell-through rates than you would at a consignment stores.

3. Don't waste your whole weekend hosting a yard sale....drop off with us and enjoy your weekend!