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I wanted to take the a minute to introduce myself to all those who I may not have officially been introduced to or if you are new to The Children's Closet Sale! My name is Alison St Laurent was born and raised in Taunton, graduating from Coyle & Cassidy HS in 1994. I lived on the Cape for about 10 years where I worked at a large Marina financing boats.

I currently live in Middleboro and I am a mom to 4 amazing children. Those that have been to an event before have most likely seen at least one of them running around helping out! My Oldest is Ethan he is 27 and if you have been around for awhile you probably remember him as a teenager running the Hold Table. Brandon is 21 and is usually at a register during our weekend sale hours, when he is not away at Saint Anselm College. Addison is 15 and she is just getting into working the sales and is usually there for set up and just starting to work the registers!. But most of you must know Gracie by now she is 8 and has been there since she was 3 weeks old! And introducing my newest family me my daughter-in-law Margaret. Margaret and Ethan are now married ..YAY!! and you can meet her at our registers!

I also get a lot of help from my dad and my fiancé Mike will be there setting up racks and breaking down..My mom become my "Nanny" for the week along with errand person and "fill in where ever" person. 


 Many of my consignors and shoppers have been with me from the very beginning in 2010 and most feel like extended family now too! I have loved watching all the kids grow up and actually some turning into parents of their own shopping for their little ones!

Please stop me and say Hi and introduce yourself at the next sale

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