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Tagging Instuctions

Tagging Instructions

1. Register online to receive your Consignor Number. You will get an automated email immediately with your ID number please contact me if you do not receive that email.

2. Log in to enter your inventory.

3. The inventory management system is user friendly, and a fill-in-the-blank format. It will walk you through the tag creation process. Remember, every item needs a tag to be sold and every tag must have all fields completed. Tags must be printed on White Card Stock only.

4. If you paid $50 for a large item and it was barely used, tell the buyer! Use words in your description like “new,” “used once,” etc. Key words will tempt buyers to grab an item as soon as they see it.

5. When typing the description please place the BRAND ON LINE 1 (i.e. Gymboree) and the ITEM DESCRIPTION ON LINE 2 (i.e. pink floral print dress)

6. Choose your category and sizes carefully to ensure accuracy when item is displayed in the store.

7. Please do not use S, M, L or XL (Maternity clothing only). Everything must have a numerical size. If the item is a slim or plus, please note that with the size. All clothing must have a size selected if a general non-size category is selected the item will be pulled from the sales floor

8. You will be able to specify, during the inventory process, to discount any items to 50% off for the ½ price. You will also be able to designate if you wish to donate any unsold items to charity. If your goal is to get rid of items we suggest you designate to discount and donate…ensuring that you may, at the least, receive ½ of your asking price.

9. Review all of your tags for proper information, discounts and/or donation notation and pricing.

10. All tags must be printed on white card stock. Tags printed on regular paper will rip and fall of items during the sale. Tags printed on regular paper will also winkle and not allow us to scan at check out. Tags printed on dark paper also so not scan at check out. WHITE CARD STOCK ONLY

11. No handwritten changes are allowed on tags. Items with handwritten tags may be pulled from the sales floor. If you have made a change in the system or to the tag you MUST re-print a new tag!

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