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All Items must be sorted by gender and then by size… This is a must, you will be required to come back at a later time if items are not pre-sorted.

Seasonally appropriate –

Spring Event (March)- lightweight long sleeved tops and sweatshirts, lightweight pants, jeans, lightweight jackets, shorts, short sleeves, tanks, & swim suits. No corduroys, fleece or lined gym pants, turtle/mock neck or thermal shirts. Clothes your child would wear April-August

Summer Event (April/May) - lightweight sweatshirts, lightweight pants, jeans, lightweight jackets, shorts, short sleeves, tanks, & swim suits. No corduroys, fleece or lined gym pants, turtle/mock neck or thermal shirts. Clothes your child would wear May-August.

Fall Event (September/November) - no summer weight fabrics, prints. No shorts, swimsuits, sundresses, etc. Short-sleeved golf and dress shirts for boys and camis/tanks designed to wear under other garments for girls are accepted. Short Sleeve tees pairs with long pants are okay as long as they are for fall/winter. Clothes your child would wear September-March.

• Current and recent styles only (less than 6 years old). No items from vacations or youth sports/activities. Check the tags that say Hanes or Gildan.

• Jeans can have some slight fading in the knees but no thinning fabric unless it is by design. Some fraying (less than 25% of hem) is acceptable on jeans. No excessive fraying from wear is acceptable for dress pants.

• Check zippers, buttons, Velcro, and other closures to make sure they are secure and working.

• Check for odors – no tobacco, musty, pet or mothball odors.

• Check for stains:

Baby items – check tops and collars for formula stains, bottom half and waist for body fluid stains. Cloth diapers and training pants should smell fresh and look clean. Obviously, they may have some light stains, but nothing dark or excessive.

Negotiable stains on all clothing are:Small ink marks less than the length of your pinky.

Small amount of discoloration on hem.

Very small stain on white item that can be bleached. (Smaller than half of the length of your pinkie).

Check for excessive wear. Fabric pills or balls on sweaters, hoodies, etc. If it can be shaved easily with a sweater shaver and still maintain the quality of the item, it can be sold.

Make sure items hang securely and are neatly presented.

Athletic Gear – No dirt stains unless slight and noted on the tag.

Check for frayed ribbons, trim on dresses

Underwear & bras new in package only

Graphics on shirts must be tasteful and age appropriate. No profanity, nudity, drugs or alcoholic beverages represented clothing.

When entering inventory online. You must select a size (if it is a range you must use the smaller number example 12-18months will go under 12months). If an item is homemade you must select the size that it corresponds with. You are NOT allowed to use non size selections from the drop down menu for clothing (for example we have many consignors that as a default enter all their clothing items as ”Non-Size Item” under the gender. Those items will not be placed on the sales floor. They will be rejected no questions asked (You cannot correct them by writing on the tag.. you must correct them in the computer and put a new tag on it)!! I understand sometimes you accidently put one or two under choice and that is okay. It is the consignors that do it for the most part! Explanation.. I spend hours laying out the floor pan and knowing exactly how many items I have coming in for each size and I also know on average how many items fit per foot so when 500+ items come through with no sizing it throws everything off and puts extra work on myself and volunteers who have to rearrange at the last moment

Active vs Inactive Inventory- Please only activate the inventory that you are actually bringing to the event. Yes that will mean you have to go through each item one at a time but as stated above.. I spend hours analyzing what is coming into the sale and when you activate more than what you are bringing it throws our counts off and puts more work on myself and my volunteers.

• Hanging Sets – Please do not pin pants to the bottom of a shirt.. the pants weigh down on the shirt and put large holes in the shirt… especially after hanging on full racks all weekend. These items will be rejected at drop off. Please pin the pants under the shirt on the hanger or on a separate hanger and secure the two+ hangers together.

Sizing - Sizes should be as follows:

Preemie/Newborn, 3mon, 6mon, 9mon, 12mon, 18mon, 24mon, 2T, 3T, 4T, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, & 14. Juniors

For items with a range, please us the smaller size for example 6-9 months would be marked 6mon.

For Items listed as XS, S, M, L, or XL please use corresponding number size.

Hanging - All Items must me on a hanger, the hanger must be pointing (Open Side) to the left so that it looks like a question mark -?-.

Tagging - All tags should be places on the upper right side of the item. Tags must be put through a seam or an area that does not damage the garment... causing a hole.

Pricing - You set the price of your items. Items should be about ¼ of the original cost. Items with tags that have never been worn or from higher end store scan are priced closer to 1/3 of the original retail cost.

Additional Info:

NO "vacation" or "youth sports/activity" items.. If your tag says Hanes or Gildan it most likely falls in this category.

Pant Hangers.. if you do not have pant hangers please pin your pants like the photo below and insure that they will not slip down to the lover part of the hanger.

"Do a shake test".. if you shake the hanger and it falls off it will not survive the sale

Pins and tagging barbs... you must put them in an area that will not damage the the seams. DO NOT pin or attach pants to the bottom of the shirt if you have a set.. it pulls on the racks and puts huge holes in the clothing.

The light at the sale is different than at your house... Different stains show in different happens to me too.

Sets.. secure multiple pieces together and note on tag how many items in the set.

Presentation.. If your items are messy and un-ironed on the hangers that will not sell and will be pulled... If it looks like the items was uncared for no one will want it.

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